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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Italy Talking Points

Formula 1: Italy Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 14 In Monza


1. First Run In Qualifying

Even the first run of the final session was a mess, with the officials suddenly unable to spot that a car had all four wheels off the track. Possibly because it was a scarlet Ferrari, so very difficult to see in such a pale colour... Somehow Vettel's first run was allowed to stand despite everyone being told that would be an immediate reason to cancel a time. Then there was Bottas, who crossed the line after the red flag but his time was reinstated (to stop Mercedes disputing the Ferrari call?) oddly.


2. That Qualifying Lap

If the first set of runs was a bit of a mess, the second run was an absolute shambles - though an extremely entertaining one. The cars all jockeyed for position, with no one wanting to be in front, knowing that they had no chance of a good time without a slipstream. Hulkenberg taking to a slip road to try and drop behind, but everyone was going so slow he nearly rejoined back in front. It was only when they realised they were running out of time to complete the lap that they all started to go and spent most of the lap flat out racing to try and make it round in time, but only Sainz made it. Amateur hour all round, but it was fun to watch. It reminded me of one of those cycling events you end up watching in the Olympics in the early hours because you couldn't sleep. There is one of those where they all jockey around behind a pace bike until they make a break for it.


3. Leclerc's Win

More dubious decisions from the race officials gave Leclerc the win. Glad though I am that he got it, as I like him, it has to be said twice he got away with things that any driver outside of a Ferrari would have been given a penalty for. Forcing Hamilton off the road when the Brit was trying to overtake him on such a fast track would have certainly been a stop go penalty at the least if it had been the other way round, but he was shown just a black and white flag. It did not stop him from going off the track down a slip road due to an error as Hamilton chased him and rejoining still in front. If he had not taken the slip road he would certainly have lost the lead to stay on the track. That never received any punishment at all. It is the inconsistency that gets annoying. One driver gets punished another doesn't. One thing that was clear, Leclerc does struggle under pressure and makes mistakes, drivers will remember that and push him hard when he is in front.


4. Bottas Disappoints....Again

Finished second, but somehow he managed to make that seem a very unimpressive position to end up in. He had the chance to win but he never even managed to put Leclerc under heavy pressure due to his mistakes. Earlier than that, he had the chance to challenge Hamilton for second at the start but backed out when it was there to take.


5. Hamilton Unlucky?

Twice denied the chance to take the lead, a lead he looked at the time well-placed to run away with, but his tyres gave up towards the end. It would have been interesting to see if he could have held on had he taken Leclerc. Might well have even ended up with a 3-way battle if that had happened. Looking at how his tyres gave up on the final few laps, he might well have ended up in third anyway.


6. Vettel Flops.....Again

Once again Vettel shows he has not got the mentality to mix it unless he is at the front. A silly error early in the race saw him lose control and go off the track, but even more silly, stupid in fact, was his decision to just drive back on to the track and into Lance Stroll, causing the Canadian to go off and breaking the front wing of his Ferrari. It was an incredibly stupid piece of driving which saw him get a 10-second stop-go penalty, the strongest penalty available other than disqualification. It was amateur driving not befitting of a 4 time world champion.


7. Stroll What On Earth?

So busy complaining about Vettel's idiotic maneuvre that he did the same thing, nearly hitting Gasly's Toro Rosso. It was luck not judgement that stopped him hitting anyone.

Written by Tris Burke September 08 2019 22:04:22