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Football News: Top 10 - British Strikers

Top 10 - British Strikers
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Top 10 British Strikers

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10. Folarin Balogun - Arsenal

One of the brightest prospects in the Premier League, he just needs to be given more first team football. If he keeps his head down and keeps working hard, Balogun has one heck of a future in the game to look forward to.


9. Ivan Toney - Brentford

I think the fact Toney is in here just highlights how poor the choice is when it comes to central attacking players that are British. He has done well in the lower leagues, but is in more because of a lack of quality options.


8. Tammy Abraham - Chelsea

Another that is in because of the lack of quality choice. Yes he can score goals, but he also misses a lot of chances and his poor overall play means a lot of attacks break down because of him.


7. Ollie Watkins - Aston Villa

His inconsistency is holding him back. Overall he is a very good striker, works hard for the team, can link up play, has pace, scores but goes through periods where he just seems to allow himself to spend too much time out wide and not getting in the box to get goals.


6. Callum Wilson - Newcastle United

Power, pace and an eye for goal, Wilson should really be further up but for his constant injury niggles. When fit, he scored the goals to keep Newcastle safe, but he is not one of those players you can be sure will be fit. It is always a case of 'is he fit?' before a match.


5. Patrick Bamford - Leeds United

I know I will get it in the neck from the Leeds fans for having him this low down, and it was a very close run thing. There was one reason why I decided to put him 5, rather than 4, and that is because it was his first really successful top flight season. That was the deciding factor. I have to say though, what is holding him back (it certainly is not effort because the lad runs himself into the ground every single game) for me is he still misses far too many chances. Yes, he did score a fair few last season, but Leeds were making so many chances it would be almost impossible not to. Watching him closely I think his problem is that he is not one of those forward who anticipates the ball, he reacts to where it goes instead most of the time. There are so many attempts he misses because he is slightly stretching due to not having anticipated where the ball is going, that it makes me wonder just how many goals an Ian Rush, Jimmy Greaves or even a Gary Lineker in their prime would have got in this Leeds team.


4. Dominic Calvert-Lewin - Everton

A better striker than many give him credit for, his problem is that he is a better striker than he realises as well. When his confidence was up, he was scoring regularly, but the moment it dips, he starts missing far too often. Even when Calvert-Lewin is on a bad run in front of goal, he still offers good hold-up play and work rate though.


3. Jamie Vardy - Leicester City

Vardy finally showed signs of his age as he faded badly last season. It will be interesting to see if the summer break will restore him or if that was age finally catching up with him.


2. Danny Ings - Southampton

In my opinion he was the main difference between Saints being relegated and staying up last season. I can see why he wants to be playing in a team in European competition, he is clearly good enough. If Ings can stay fit, he is a devastatingly effective striker. It is not just his goals, but his workrate too. He is ideal for a team that looks to press the opposition, as he is one of the better pressing forwards in the game.


1. Harry Kane - Tottenham Hotspur

Last season he was back to pretty much his best. After a few years of trying too hard to just be a goalscorer, he was finally back to being that all-round forward he was when he first emerged. Kane wore ten on his back because he wanted to be involved in the build up and thought that was his best position, this season he went back to that way of playing and he is so much better for it. Without a doubt Kane is a great goalscorer, but he is also an exceptional link player and creator. Another though that comes with injury worries, as it does seem his ankles are made of uncooked spaghetti and it does not take much for them to cause him grief.

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Written by Tris Burke July 09 2021 10:01:46


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