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Football News: Top 10 Teams

Top 10 Teams
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Top 10 Teams

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I think this is the hardest Top 10 list I have done so far. It would be easy to move all the teams up and down a number of places and make a good case for doing so. In fact, I found myself doing a lot of moving around of them as I put it together and I am still not convinced I have it right myself! That is not even to mention those that I had to leave out, with so many that have a case for inclusion.


10. Barcelona

Even though they are a shambles, to be kind, with a bunch of mercenaries on their books, they still have the capacity to turn it around if the president gets it right. I have to say that they only just got in the list though, it was a very tight choice between them and Juve.


9. Manchester United

Though they finished second in the English league, it is hard to see them doing so again, even with the addition of Sancho. The money is certainly there for them to improve the squad, but they are still have Ole at the wheel, with Phelan assisting, and that is not a top class pairing. If they do remain competitive at the top of the league for another season, then they will deserve a higher placing next time I do this list.


8. Real Madrid

In almost as much of a mess as bitter rivals Barca, but with a lot more financial clout (though not as much as in years past) to fix their issues. Another season like the last one and they will be in very real danger of falling away from the top table in European competition.


7. Chelsea

The arrival of Tuchel turned the club around just at the right time. While his style of play may not always be the most entertaining to watch, he knows how to organise a team and get them pulling together. With the finances available to them to build on the Champions League win, Chelsea should be a real force this season, with a genuine chance of a Premier League title.


6. Bayern Munich

Always a threat in European competition but they lack any real challenger in domestic football, which holds them back. Even though they had a poor season and were not playing particularly well, they still strolled to the Bundesliga title.


5. Inter Milan

Won Serie A last season but still changed coach, which could well lead to a big setback if Inzaghi is not an immediate success. The loss of Hakimi is a huge blow as well and they will struggle to adequately replace a player of his quality.


4. Atletico Madrid

They may have only won La Liga because it was the weakest one in many years and are hamstrung by the enormous salaries they are paying, but they have stability on their side under Simeone. He will keep them competitive, though he should do at the amount they are paying him!


3. Paris Saint-Germain

They have been held back, like Bayern, by the lack of opposition in their domestic league until last season, when they were beaten to the title by Lille. That has sparked off a bigger recruitment drive than normal, which should put them in a good position to finally win the Champions League. Or at least make a real attempt to do so, rather than bottling it in the latter stages.


2. Liverpool

Being able to qualify for the Champions League, despite the injury problems, showed just how good this team is. With van Dijk, Gomez and Matip back to fitness and Konate joining the squad, they should be in a much better place this time around. Especially with a season that will not be so congested with games. The only worry is the lack of form of two of the usual front three and, so far at least, midfield in need of reinforcement, but there is plenty of time left for signings to fix the midfield.


1. Manchester City

It could really only be them. Despite their constant failure in Europe, which are more down to Pep's ridiculous attempts to outwit the opposing manager, rather than just win the game in front of him. Their squad is just so strong, they should once more be competitive in ever competition they enter.

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Written by Tris Burke July 21 2021 13:10:31


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