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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Belgium Talking Points

Formula 1: Belgium Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 13 In Spa


1. Right Decision To Race

First off, I just want to say that I thought it was the right decision to race despite the death in the F2 race. It is a risky sport and Hubert knew the risks, the last thing he would have wanted, I am sure, is to be the reason the race was called off. It might have seemed callous to some, but it was the right way to pay tribute to a racer and he got the result I am sure he would have wanted as well. Though Ricciardo says the F1 drivers did not want to race, I feel it would not have been the right way to honour the lad himself by calling it off.


2. Qualifying

We knew going into the weekend that the track would favour Ferrari, but Leclerc made it his own. It is the longest track on the calendar, but seven tenths of a second over your teammate is humiliation, not just victory. If Vettel had any confidence he could compete in the race, it will have vanished at that point.


3. The Start

The short run to a really tight hairpin bend always throws up an incident or two, and this year was no exception. Nice to see Norris take advantage to slip through. Such a shame for Raikkonen, as that Alfa looked capable of a decent run, especially with the Red Bulls out of contention.


4. Norris: The World's Most Unlucky F1 Driver?

Once more a good position is lost through no fault of his own. He had been cruising round in 5th, a comfortable 5th too, since the start. Then his car decides to give up on him before he can finish and he ends up losing all those places. Such a shame after a brilliant performance.


5. Leclerc Undisputed Ferrari No 1?

Has this race now sealed Leclerc as number one in the team? Not just the win, but the manner in which it happened, including making Vettel move over to let him through, despite Vettel having more championship points, suggests it has. Fully deserved as well. The boy is going to be special and it was nice to see a winner that everyone in the paddock was happy with as well.


6. Haas

How did it all go so wrong for them in the race? I am sure tyres were an issue, but they were already dropping down the order long before their tyres went off. They were so slow in race pace, despite having the right engine for the race. They have some real issues that need solving.


7. Renault

A terrible strategy that they doubled down on when they could have changed it, a real mistake. It cost them any chance of a good result.


8. Albon

Did a decent job from the back of the grid and picked up the best result possible, with some good overtaking maneuvres. The one on the grass past the Racing Point was particularly good. He certainly looks a much better long term bet than Gasly did. If he can continue to pick up the results, he will soon solidify his place in the team.


9. Giovanazzi

Of all the times to bin your car, that has to be the worst. Putting a car into the wall right at the end is embarrassing.

Written by Tris Burke September 02 2019 17:15:47