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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Nurburgring Talking Points

Formula 1: Nurburgring Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Eifel


1. Kimi Breaking Records

Good to see Kimi Raikkonen still going and setting a new record milestone of 323 GP race starts, his first came in the year Wikipedia was launched! He ended up missing out on points after a big lock up saw him slide into Russell, ending Russell's race and bringing out the virtual safety car. That saw him get a 10 second penalty and he was unable to make up the time with the damage to his car. Shame for him to reach a landmark in that fashion, especially as his teammate got a point.


2. Bottas Blows It Again

After coming in to the race full of confidence, beating Hamilton to the pole and doing so well off the start to hang on to the lead, Bottas had what should have been a nice simple win in his hands. Unfortunately he once again blew it, even though he was under no real pressure and locked up badly going into turn 1, sliding off track and letting Hamilton past for the lead. It ruined any chance of a win as he had to pit too early because of it. It turned out to be irrelevant as his MGUK broke later on, but it will have affected his confidence, knowing that once more he failed when the chance was there to win.


3. Grosjean

The French driver certainly had an interesting race, first off getting hit on the hand by gravel thrown up by Raikkonen's car, which caused him a lot of pain apparently, judging by his comments on the radio. After that he kept going and stayed pretty much out of trouble to pick up his first points of the season and make it only Latifi and Russell that have yet to score any.


4. Vettel Still Looking Out Of Sorts

Mentally Vettel is still really off his game, making silly errors. At least this time he tried something different when a mistake cost him and gambled on hards early. It never paid off for him as Vettel did what he does these days and got tangled up in silly incidents all race. I wonder if a good sports psychologist could help him or if he is just done at the top level?


5. Albon v Kvyat

I really do not know what Albon was thinking! After Kvyat's mistake ended up with him cutting the chicane, Albon was overtaking him cleanly and then just cut across him. It was stupidity, all he had to do was give the Russian a bit of space and he was away. Not that it mattered for him in the end, as he retired just after he was given a 5 second penalty, but it destroyed Kvyat's race completely as he had to limp round almost an entire lap without a front wing.


6. Track

Another old school track giving the drivers real issues just getting round it, especially Turn 1, which was an almost constant source of mistakes. I really hope they return to more of these tracks in the future, rather than the boring new style tracks which simply do not promote the close racing they were supposed to create.


7. Lando

He may not be the real Lando (Calrissian of course) but it was certainly an interesting race for him. Norris was constantly on the radio complaining after his car had problems. Eventually he could keep going no longer and pulled out causing a safety car and most people jumped on to slicks.


8. Safety Car

Speaking of the safety car, it caused real issues by going so slow as the tyres will literally not work if they drop below a certain temperature. Instead they end up with what is known as cold-cracking and they will be less than useful, like driving on ice. That is why Hamilton and Verstappen, in particular, were so vocal with their complaints. Turn 1 is difficult enough when the tyres were up to temperature, it could have been complete mayhem if the safety car had done one more lap.


9. Ferrari

The scarlet cars did look slightly improved with the new parts. Not enough to make them competitive, but better than their finishing position suggested.


10. Pink Mercs

Racing Point's cars are no longer a copy of last year's Mercedes, now they have most of the parts from this year's model! Almost the entire back half of the car is a 2020 Merc and it really showed as they were fast, really fast. Perez will probably be disappointed not to get a podium in the end.


11. Ricciardo

Ricciardo got his first podium since 2008 and ensured Cyril Abiteboul will have to get a tattoo after he lost a bet with Ricciardo. It was also Renault's first since 2011.


12. Gasly

A really good drive to make his way up to 6th. Flew a bit under the radar on the TV coverage, just suddenly seemed to be right up there when it mattered. I was really impressed by him.


13. Hamilton

After losing out at the start to Bottas, it looked like he had settled for a comfortable second place, only for Bottas to hand him the lead. After that it was never in doubt and he went on to equal Michael Schumacher's record of 91 wins, but he only needed 261 races, while Schumacher took 306. It was a touching moment when Schumacher's son presented Hamilton with a race helmet from his dad's career.


14. Finally Hulk

I have to say well done to Hulkenberg, finishing in the points after starting at the very back. Added to that he had spent less than 20 minutes on the track after being a late replacement for Lance Stroll, who was taken ill. It was just lucky that Hulkenberg was there at the track as part of the TV coverage and was dragged away from a coffee shop to drive. In fact, it was even luckier for Hulk as he got the nod because he had his driving kit (Renault helmet and all!) in his car ready to take a spin after the race had finished, while Stoffel Vandoorne, the reserve driver, had forgotten to bring his gear with him.

Written by Tris Burke October 11 2020 18:11:58